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Musical Curriculum Vitae

Bryn Lynx

Everything has a beginning...
  • Bryn was born in Rochester (NY). He lives in Switzerland since 1979.
First band
  • Mistakestreetband, at the age of 12, as part of a school play.
Guitar lessons
  • Peter Glanzmann (Les Sauterelles, Smile, Trampolin, The Big Jam Bag)
  • Self-study


  • Formation of Bryns first own band Parcival.
  • Initially concentrating on his role as songwriter and guitarist, Bryn takes over the vocals when the bands lead singer leaves the country.
  • Next to frequent live performances, Parcival record a total of 3 demos: onewayticket, doors of secrets & demo III.
  • Parcival reach the pinnacle of their career as supporting act for well-known swiss musician Polo Hofer.
  • Never having been officially disbanded, Parcival have since gone into a prolonged hiatus...who knows what the future may hold...
  • Music studies at the academy of contemporary music (ACM) in Zürich.
  • The following years are characterized by numerous stand-ins as guitarist, bassist and vocalist in a variety of formations (among others: Thomas Kull Band, Diva & Slantic), but also by the growing desire to re-direct his focus towards his own material.
  • Bosnian Demo (recorded on a Fostex X26 Multitracker)
  • With the realization of his home studio comes the inevitable familiarization with all aspects of music production.
  • Self-study and learning by doing let Bryn acquire the technical know-how. His practical approach culminates in countless self-produced demos (Early Demos, Suzie & Wannabe to name but a few).
  • Formation of Lynx.
  • Bryn sends a self-produced demo to some major labels, and his songwriting is met with favorable feedback throughout.
  • In anticipation of future live performances, band members are recruited.
  • Lynx play their first concerts.
  • Bryn joins the Pink Floyd tribute band Crazy Diamond. Having been in charge of sound fx on two concerts, he can secure a position as guitarist and singer. Since then he has become an integral part in one of the best Pink Floyd tribute acts in existence.

Crazy Diamond

  • As of august 2018, Crazy Diamond have played 169 gigs. 
  • Following several changes in personel, Lynx establish their style and record their first EP as a band: 'Do You Feel Lonely?'

Do You Feel Lonely

  • Drummer Manuel Römer joins Lynx.


  • This marks the last change in Lynx's lineup, which now consists of (from left to right): Bryn Lynx (guitar/vocals), Manuel Römer (drums), Ugo de Vito (bass, backing vocals) & Martin Gisler (guitar).
  • After a short period of intense rehearsals, this new formation plays their first live performances.
  • Lynx's style & sound change, drifting off into a more melancholic, yet powerful direction.
  • Lynx concert in Zürich's sold out Volkshaus venue.
  • As supporting act for Crazy Diamond, the band wins the crowds approval with their exceptionally powerful delivery.
  • Being an unknown to most of the audience, Lynx manage to put them under their spell.
  • This concert is later published on DVD.
  • The first round of recording sessions for the long overdue full-length album commences.
  • Work in the studio is given #1 priority; no live performances for the time being.  
  • 12-Track promotional release titled Fast Pain Relief.

Fast Pain Relief

  • 3 tracks get airplay on Radio Swiss Pop and Backstageradio: Fast Pain Relief, What Life Can Be and Under The Sea.
  • Lynx perform at various openair festivals throughout the German and French parts of Switzerland.
  • Recording sessions commence for the first official full-length Lynx release Halfway Down.
  • Halfway Down is in production. Final track count: 13.
  • What I Get from You gets airplay on Radio SF3 and SRF Virus.
  • Participation in Kids On Stage 2010.
  • Release of Halfway Down. CD-launch event on March 18th 2011, sounddock14.

Halfway Down

  • Martin Gisler leaves the band.
  • Unplugged EP Castles Made of Sand.
  • Participation in Kids On Stage 2012.
  • Unplugged recording live at the Marquee club in Zürich.
  • Preparations start for the next Lynx album.
  • Release of the CD Single Wordless.


  • Not in connection with Lynx as a band, the two instrumetal tracks contained therein represent a snapshot of Bryn's earlier work.
  • With the intention to generate donations for Caritas, CD's are given away for free, bundled with a payment slip.
  • Bollywood City Lights, Lynx's most ambitious project to date, is released on November 11th.

Bollywood City Lights

  • Two major changes define this production:
  1. The transition of Lynx from live band to studio project.
  2. A stylistic change of direction, incorporating more electronic elements; veering off into progressive territory, while maintaining Lynx's core quality: melodic, earthy rock music.
  • Release of the Single Pentagram.


  • An instrumental creation centered on an acoustic lead guitar (played on a lovely Martin D28, for those of you interested).
  • Release of the Compilation bryn_lynx_demos_1999-2002.


For way too long, all this material has been gathering dust in some forgotten drawer... Recordings from a time when I just 'let out what had to come out'...passionately so, even though I didn't have much technical know-how back then.

Despite the demo-character of these recordings, I'm convinced they're sound and bring across their message, so during the last year, they've been meticulously restored and mastered to give them a new lease of life and make them shine. All that while maintaining the original charm.

besides all this...
  • ...Bryn performs as guitarist and singer in a variety of formations and cover bands, besides working as composer, songwriter and producer in his own studio.
  • Bryn also holds a position as secondary school teacher in Zürich.